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Choose a Service

  • 1 on 1 Coaching for kids & Youth

    Sessions are 60 mins via Zoom
    • Individual coaching on anything that is causing discomfort.
  • LifeCoaching Package

    6 Sessions as a package and each session is 60mins via Zoom
    • Bringing clarity around what makes you happy
    • Discovering your purpose
    • Exploring your values
    • Creating sustained motivation
    • Improving relationships
    • Setting boundaries
  • Personal Core Values

    Unlock you Personal Core Values. 90min Sessions via Zoom
    • uncover your top 10 core personal values
    • Defining your core values
  • Personal Development

    6 Sessions as a package - Each session is 60mins via Zoom
    • This programme is all about you
    • what would you like to shift in your life?
    • embark on an amazing journey of self-discovery
    • how to navigate your path & make you unstoppable.
    • uncover the knowledge and awareness that’s already there.
  • Family Building

    6 Sessions Package - 60min per session via Zoom or in person
    • We will focus on family values
    • Team building so that the whole family is living happily
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