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Who I am

Hi there,

It's Lily here. I am so grateful we met and connected here.

If you ask me Who I Am, I will say I am firstly a mum of a twentyish son who is exploring his own world here and there now with his eyes and camera;  a wife of a man who I met online and have been living together 15 years now; a founder of three businesses that I love and passionate about. In my spare time, I love walking in the mountains and forests. I like greeting and talking with the plants and animals. I enjoy listening to the rhythm of the rain and the singing of the birds. I cherish every life on the earth and wish everyone can live in harmony with their best self. I value intuition, community connection, adventureness, simplicity, freedom and flexibility. My mottos:

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Make the most of life. I believe I can fly. Love heals. 

My background

I grew up in Mainland China and felt grateful I had the opportunity to spend my life traveling and living around the world: making connections, having amazing experiences, and nurturing my relationships with family and friends. Before coaching, my career and life took me in a few different directions. I started off working on a construction site as a financial project manager and then spent over a decade in the corporate internal auditing field. When my son was young, I quitted my corporate job to become a full time mum for 8 years. After my son went to intermediate school, I started to work part time in local small businesses as a multi-tasking player in life. 10 years ago, I established my own accounting & tax consultancy business and run the custom guided tours with my husband at the same time. What I enjoy most in my previous work is connected with people who came with different cultures and life experiences.  I am feeling privileged to be able to serve and support people who I connect with to reach their goals or dreams in one way or the other.  I love the flexibility and the variety in my work and enjoy working with people who came from different backgrounds, which satisfied my curiosity, encouraged my creative thinking, and cultivated my compassion & empathy to the people who I worked with. 

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Life right now

6 Months ago, our family moved out of Auckland and settled in Christchurch in a place more close to nature. The closer to nature, the stronger the passion to connect with people. I started to explore and learn life coaching 2 years ago and wish to be a joyful life coach who can help people reach their inner peace and fulfill their potential. I believe everyone deserves a happy life and has the ability to reach his/her goals. Through life coaching tools and mindsets, I firstly got to know myself better and live with my true self in my daily life, which brings a lot of inner peace. I also witnessed people who took my or others coaching services to unblock their restricted mindsets and transform their life to a better new level. The satisfaction is huge and meaningful to me.  Through my own life experiences, I felt living authentically made me feel incredibly empowered, and allowed me to be exactly who I’m meant to be right now. I'm loving being a new life coach, creating a home and community for our family in a new area, and fostering this entrepreneurial lifestyle that allows me to do what I love while living at a mindful pace.

Lily Photo_22 April 20.jpg
sesión de terapia

Passion for coaching

I’m passionate about coaching because it lets me do what excites me most—connect to other people and help them navigate and better their worlds.

Mujer en la naturaleza

Professionally, I've always been happiest in a mentorship role. And personally, I've always been drawn to conversations with friends and family around future planning, goal setting, and getting to know ourselves better. Now I enjoy the best of all worlds, helping people and teams reimagine their lives for the better and go after dreams they thought were impossible.


I believe life coaching starts from coaching our own life. The more we understand ourselves in core values, inner voices, the easier to see the blocks or forces that pull us back in life, and consequently to find the way of changing our restrictive mindsets, to find the resources that can support us to reach our goals and better life.

Familia joven


I am constantly upgrading my skillset to provide my clients with the best tools and methodologies.

 ICF Membership ID: 009602338I

ANZCAL Certificate in Breakthrough Life Coaching, ANZCAL Associate Coach Level, Certificate in Abundance Coaching

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Focus on self growth and family building 

As a mum and business owner, I know how many challenges my generation of women faces—especially around balancing our opportunities, choices, and responsibilities. How do we know what we truly want versus what we feel like we should want? How can we carve out time to pursue all of the aspects of life we want to? I’m dedicated to helping women get to know themselves and their values better, then make confident choices that lead them straight to achieving their goals.

I am also willing to focus on family values exploring & team building so that the whole family is living happily and fully.

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